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March 2018 | Stockwell Playhouse

V For Victory

1940, Britain declares war with Germany, war rages on the western front, but what happened to the forgotten occupied island of Jersey? Cut off from Britain, Jersey struggles to come to terms with its new German occupation. When morals, justice and even life itself is put to the test it falls to a group of islanders to stand up for Jersey's honour. But is it all too late?

V For Victory follows the resistance of Jersey during the second world war, ravaged by SS Officers and German Slave Camps. We see a group of young friends stand and fight for victory. An original take on the classic war musical being Bechdel approved, opposed to the ‘good and evil’ themes of war and is a beautiful blend of contemporary and legit musical theatre.

V For Victory artwork.jpeg

The creatives

Writers - Anthony Orme and Dries Janssens

Lyricist - Dries Janssens

Music - Günther Fiala

Director - Anthony Orme

Choreographer - Emily Jane-Ashford

Produced by Now You Know Productions

The cast

Aaron Bannister-Davies - Thomas

Leanne Coupland - Judy

Ben Eagle - Bailiff Edwards

Georgina Hanson - Liz

Lottie Johnson - Dani

Klemens Koehring - Colonel Stolzman

Alice Merivale - Radio Host

Gary O'Brien - Joe

Alex Wadham - Captain Schneider

Prison Of Fear_edited.jpg
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