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June 2014 | Webber Douglas Studio, Royal Central School of Speech & Drama

The Twee Musketeers

‘Twas upon a midsummer eve, when a band of Fairies were celebrating coming of age. Into the merry revelers throng ran Onion, carrying an abandoned babe. The words of the ancient soothsayer foretold, the child’s life will end on the day he becomes a Musketeer in the Kingdom of the South.’ Alas, the Fairies have fallen in love with the innocent babe, so they agree that two of their own will live as mortals to alter the course of this shocking destiny. There’s treachery and treason, love and tears, Step up to the derring-do, of the Twee Musketeers.

Photos: Patrick Baldwin

Ben Eagle Twee Musketeers1.jpg

The creatives

Writers - Sarah Nixon, Mark Chatterton

Director - Sherrill Gow
Choreographer - Jenny Sawyer
Musical Director - Ben Holder

The cast

Constance - Emily Cairns

Aramis - Georgina Castle

Count Tothreefour - Rob Dowdeswell

Vince Fontaine - Ben Eagle

Pathos / King of the South - Killian Macardle

Dart Onion - Christian James

Queen of the Fairies - Felicity Jolly

Sage / Sister Ted - Samantha Lund

Onion / Buckingham - Matt Mella

Catmint - Anne O'Riordan

Borage / Miss Honeybun - Paige Round

Eggsnip / Grim Reaper - Tamara Saffir

Pius - Samuel Townsend

Queen of the South - Laura Trundle

Milardy de Winter - Louise Young

Ben Eagle Twee Musketeers.jpg
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