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September 2015 | The Lounge, Leicester Square Theatre

The M Word

Sepia Scipio Theatre Company presents three comedy shorts: ‘The M Word’, ‘Your Mother’s Butt’ by Alan Ball (‘Six Feet Under’ and ‘American Beauty’) and ‘Walter’ by Murray Schisgal (‘Tootsie’), tangling people in the knotty problems of life…and death. 

In THE M WORD two ambitious executives decide that they are good for each other and proceed to negotiate a future together. As they’re so caught up in the corporate lifestyle, this truly is a negotiation and in the end, they agree to “merge."

Tri-Tangle Poster.jpg
The M Word Alan Ball.jpg

The creatives

Writer - Alan Ball
Director - 
Andrew Fettes

Produced by Chiaki Yamauchi

The cast

Hayley-Marie Axe - Woman

Ben Eagle - Man


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