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August 2019 | Pleasence Courtyard, Edinburgh Fringe

February/March 2020 | New Diorama, London

The Incident Room

It’s 1975. In Leeds, the Millgarth Incident Room is the epicentre of the biggest manhunt in British police history.

We follow Sergeant Megan Winterburn as she joins hundreds of officers working around the clock to find the man known as the Yorkshire Ripper.

With public pressure mounting, the investigation resorts to increasingly audacious attempts to catch one of Britain’s most notorious serial killers.

Following our award-winning productions of Secret Life of Humans and Down & Out in Paris and London, we go behind the scenes and investigate the case that broke the British police force.

Incident Room Poster HI.jpg
The Incident Room (Photo_ The Other Richard)

The creatives

Writers - Olivia Hirst & David Byrne
Directors - Beth Flintoff & David Byrne
Set Design - Patrick Connellan
Digital Design - Zakk Hein
Lighting Design - Greg Cebula
Composer & Sound Design - Yaiza Varona
Movement Associate - Kane Husbands
Costume Design - Ronnie Dorsey
Production Manager - Sean Ford
Company Stage Manager - Rachel Pryce
Costume Supervisor - Orla Convery

The cast

Maureen Long / Sylvia Swanson - Katy Brittain
George Oldfield - Colin R Campbell
Jack Ridgway / Terence Hawkshaw - Peter Clements
Dick Holland - Ben Eagle
Tish Morgan - Natasha Magigi
Megan Winterburn - Charlotte Melia
Andrew Laptew - Jamie Samuel

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