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Oct 2015 - Jan 2016 | The Theatre, Chipping Norton

Robin Hood

Robin Hood battles the Sheriff of Nottingham and woos Maid Marion.

Celebrating its 42nd year as the national home of traditional panto, The Theatre Chipping Norton ventures into Sherwood with this charismatic new version of ROBIN HOOD. A vivid patchwork cast of characters accompanies the man in green, including old friends Friar Tuck, the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham, and a few less familiar faces - Little Joan, a wandering minstrel and a company of singing rabbits.

Robin Hood Chipping Norton.jpg

The creatives

Writer - Ben Crocker
Director - 
Abigail Anderson

Composer - Sarah Travis

Musical Director - Harry Sever

Choreographer - Sally Brooks

Produced by Theatre, Chipping Norton

The cast

Samuel Dutton - Dennis

Ben Eagle - Friar Tuck

Scott Ellis - Robin Hood

Rosanna Lambe - Little Joan

Madeleine Leslay - Marion

Sam O'Hanlan - Alan a-Dale

Andrew Pepper - Connie Clatterbottom

Andrew Piper - Sheriff of Nottingham

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