• Ben Eagle

Central showcase

Performed at the Fortune Theatre - Royal Central's Acting: Musical Theatre showcase on 2 April 2014. Review from The Stage:

"In a marvellous scene from Chimerica, Ben Eagle and Laura Trundle don business suits and negotiate a blistering piece of writing from Lucy Kirkwood. There may be a touch of levity on both their parts but both play the subtext particularly well. From here, Eagle slips neatly into musical mode with a mash-up of sorts, featuring The Joker and Pagliacci. It’s a thoughtful arrangement that sits easily with Eagle, who brings elements of humility to The Joker number that are normally lost when it’s sung as a cabaret standard. A little slight-of-hand and Eagle is now Irwin, being most definitely put in his place by Christian James' confident Dakin."



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