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August/September 2017 | US Tour

Measure For Measure

"Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall." Five British actors use inventive staging to explore Shakespeare's rich morality play. Can a righteous woman preserve her dignity in the face of hypocrisy and corruption? 

Founded in 1975 by Sir Patrick Stewart, the Actors From The London Stage (AFTLS) dual-focus residency program has toured the United States each spring and fall. The troupe is made up of a rotating cast of five classically-trained British actors from such prestigious companies as Shakespeare’s Globe, the National Theatre, and the Royal Shakespeare Company The AFTLS ensemble deftly combines innovative staging with essential props and simple costumes. Each actor shares responsibility for the direction of the play and performs two or three major roles (as well as several minor ones). Through imagination and collaboration, the cast conjures Shakespeare's immortal words and worlds into being. 

AFTLS - Fall 2017 43.jpg

The creatives

Writer - William Shakespeare

Live music by cast

Actors From the London Stage curated by

Scott Jackson and Deb Gasper at

University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana

The cast

Peter Bray: 

Lucio / Mariana / Elbow / Froth

Ben Eagle 

Escalus / Provost / Justice /

Friar Peter / Sister Francisca

Dominic Gerard: 

Duke / Barnadine

Wela Mbusi:

Angelo / Pompey / Claudio

Anna Wright: 

Isabella / Mistress Overdone / Abhorson / Juliet

AFTLS Measure For Measure.jpg
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