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August/September 2018 | US Tour


Regarded as one of Shakespeare’s finest works, Hamlet continues resonating with modern audiences some 400 years after it was originally produced. Set against a backdrop of murder, scandal, and the supernatural, Hamlet contains more than a few of Shakespeare’s most famous passages concerning “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.” 

The famed tragedy returns to Notre Dame in a thrilling new production from Actors From The London Stage. The five-actor AFTLS ensemble deftly combines innovative staging with essential props and simple costumes. Each actor shares responsibility for the direction of the play and performs two or three major roles (as well as several minor ones). Through imagination and collaboration, the cast conjures Shakespeare's immortal words and worlds into being. 

Hamlet Claudius Ben Eagle.jpeg

The creatives

Writer - William Shakespeare

Live music by cast

Actors From the London Stage curated by

Scott Jackson and Deb Gasper at

University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana

The cast

Grace Andrews: 

Bernardo / Ophelia / Laertes / Guildenstern /

2nd Player / Sailor

Peter Bray: 

Polonius / 1st Player / 1st Gravedigger /

Priest / Osric

Ben Eagle: 

Ghost / Claudius / 2nd Gravedigger / Player

Madeleine Hyland: 

Marcellus / Hamlet / Fortinbras

Wendy Morgan: 

Horatio / Gertrude / Rosencrantz

Hamlet Ghost Ben Eagle.jpeg
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