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March 2014 | Embassy Theatre, Royal Central School of Speech & Drama


The class of '59 at Rydell High in working class Illinois, northern United States. A 'Beat Generation' striving to find their own identity, whilst rock ‘n’ rolling  against the expectations and aspirations of a generation gone before. The all-time classic American musical retold with plenty of grit as well as glitter.

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The creatives

Writers - Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey

Director - Robert Shaw Cameron

Musical Director - Wendy Gadian

Designer - Jess Curtis

Choreographer - Lynne Thomas

Lighting Designer - Paul Colwell

The cast

Miss Lynch - Emily Cairns

Sandy Drumbowski - Georgina Castle

Sonny La Tierri - Rob Dowdeswell

Vince Fontaine - Ben Eagle

Danny Zuko - Lloyd Green

Roger - Killian Macardle

Kenickie - Christian James

Marty - Felicity Jolly

Doody - Samantha Lund

Eugene Florczyk / Teen Angel - Matt Mella

Betty Rizzo / Blanche Hodel - Anne O'Riordan

Betty Rizzo / Blanche Hodel - Paige Round

Patty Simcox / Cha-Cha Di Gregorio - Tamara Saffir

Doody - Samuel Townsend

Patty Simcox / Cha-Cha Di Gregorio - Laura Trundle

Frenchy- Louise Young

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