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July 2007 | Bradford Cathedral

Funeral Games


Irreverently morbid, impeccably witty and viciously satiric, Funeral Games is a black farce of unconventional piety.

Caulfield, a self-confessed member of the criminal classes, is hired as a private investigator by Pringle, who suspects his wife of having an affair. Pringle is the head of a seedy sect called ‘The Brotherhood’; he has a hot water bottle in the shape of a cross and communes intimately with female penitents. His wife, it turns out, has been doing nothing more compromising than caring for McCorquodale, an elderly defrocked priest with a body in his cellar. But the Bible demands that Pringle exacts brutal revenge upon the ‘adulteress’: not to kill her would be to risk the fury of his adoring and amorous public.


The creatives

Writer - Joe Orton
Director - Laura Milnes

Produced by Paper Zoo Theatre Company

The cast

McCorquodale - Stuart Davies
Pringle - Ben Eagle
Caulfield - Martin Knowles
Brother Melvyn - Damien O'Keeffe
Brother Clive - David Peel
Tess - Kate Shackleton


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