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CAST, Doncaster

Beauty and the Beast

In a faraway land an arrogant and self-centred prince is magically transformed into a hideous beast. Only a kind-hearted village girl can mend the prince's ways in time and break the spell!


With marvellous music, captivating costumes and absurd antics, you don’t want to miss Doncaster’s most magical pantomime this festive season.

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The creatives

Writer: Neil Hurst 

Director: Tess Seddon 

MD and Arranger: Sonum Batra 

Choreographer: Jasmine Vessey 

Sound Designer: Eliyana Evans 

Producer for Cast: Deborah Rees 

Production Manager: Paul Davies 

The cast

Beauty: Zweyla Mitchell dos Santos 

Beast: Kofi Dennis

Dame Cherie Trifle: Ben Eagle

Philippe Philoppe: Harry Gascoigne

Emile: Max Gallagher

Fairy Nuff: Claire Storey


Senior Ensemble

Understudy Beast & Emile: Lewis Day 

Understudy Beauty & Fairy: Chloe Hoyte 

Understudy Dame & Philippe: Adam Martyn

Beauty and the Beast Doncaster .jpg
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