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March/April 2021, BBC One

The Syndicate

Kay Mellor's lottery drama The Syndicate returned BBC One for a fourth season.

As with each previous series, the new run tells a brand new story with a completely different cast line-up, and this time around the stars include Neil Morrissey, Joe Sugg, Emily Head, and a whole host of other recognisable names.

The 'syndicate' in question this time is a group of low-earning kennel workers (and canine enthusiasts) in Yorkshire who are informed by their newsagent that they have won a windfall in the lottery, which initially seems like great news. As the series develops, though, it soon transpires that things aren't quite what they seem...

Ben appeared in episode 6 of the series, playing a Bradford reporter, Jim Parker.

Ben Eagle Syndicate 1.png

The creatives

Writer - Kay Mellor

Director - Kay Mellor

Producer - Josh Dynevor

Executive Producer - Yvonne Francas

Production Company - Rollem Productions

The cast

Series cast

Keeley- Katherine Rose Morley

Roxy - Taj Atwal

Colette - Emily Head

Gemma - Liberty Hobbs

Jake - Kieran Urquhart

Cheryl - Gaynor Faye

Graham - Mark Benton

Frank - Neil Morrissey

Donna - Kym Marsh

Sam - Joe Sugg

Episode 6

Telegraph & Argus Reporter - Ben Eagle


Ben Eagle Syndicate 2.png
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