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December 2005 | Bradford Playhouse (The Priestley)

A Christmas Carol

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The creatives

Writer - Charles Dickens
Director - Damien O'Keeffe

Produced by Paper Zoo Theatre Company

The cast

Sara Brittain - Mrs Fezziwig, Belle, Mrs Cratchit


Stacey Davis - Laundress, Narrator, Belinda, Poor Woman, Christmas Past

Ben Eagle - Ebenezer Scrooge

Josh Fyson - Charity worker, Jacob Marley,

Young Scrooge, Peter Cratchit, Merchant


Martin Knowles - Bob Cratchit, Dick Wilkins,

Topper, Merchant


Tina Mostyn - Charity Worker, Mrs Fezziwig,

Martha Cratchitt, Sister, Charwoman, Narrator

Damien O'Keeffe - Nephew, Christmas Yet to Come         
Julia O'Keeffe - Fran, Neice, Narrator

Declan O'Keeffe - Tiny Tim

Alex Overton - Boy


Gary Overton - Fezziwig, Poor Man, Christmas Present

Jonathan Parker - Schoolmaster, Belle's husband

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