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2009/2010 | National Media Museum and UK tour


Published in 1949, George Orwell’s seminal novel Nineteen Eighty Four predicted a dystopian future. Sixty years later, many would argue that Orwell’s vision has come true. In the year that we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the publication of Nineteen Eighty-Four, the National Media Museum is proud to present a unique live theatrical production of the novel in collaboration with
Bradford-based theatre company Paper Zoo.

Making use of the cinema screen with live video projection, the production will encapsulate the drama and fear ever-present in the play and provide the audience with a unique insight into the mind of George Orwell.

A5 front.jpg

The creatives

Writer - George Orwell

Adapted by - Alan Lyddiard
Director - Stuart Davies

Sound Designer - Oli Trenouth

Filmed Footage Director - Martin Knowles

NMeM Producer - Fozia Bano

Produced by Paper Zoo Theatre Company

and the  National Media Museum

The cast

Cane Connelly - Citizen
Stuart Davies - Goldstein (on screen)
Ben Eagle - O'Brien
Andrew Harney - Citizen
Damien O'Keeffe - Winston Smith
Julia O'Keeffe - Julia
David Peel - Syme
Kate Shackleton - Mrs. Charrington

Extra cast:
Tony Earnshaw - Voice of the Telescreen
Sara Sutton - Gym Instructress

and featuring John Hurt as the on-screen Big Brother


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